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Clear Laminating Epoxy Resin for Fiberglass UV Resistant NonToxic 3 Gallon Kit

It is a 100% Solid Epoxy with UV Protection additives and Eco-friendly confirms non-yellowing protection for a longer duration.

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It is a 100% Solid Epoxy with UV Protection additives and Eco-friendly confirms non-yellowing protection for a longer duration. Hardener is low viscosity formulated cycloaliphatic polyamine. When cured it gives very good gloss, color stability and resistance to various chemicals

Epoxy Resin is a 100% solids no VOC, primer less, low odor, self-levelling, non-blushing epoxy that provides a sufficient work life, rapid track free time and high adhesion to aggregates and pavements. Each kit includes both pre-proportioned resin (Part A) and hardener (Part B).

It bonds chemically and mechanically to the substrate and can be blend with sand, silica, wood, flower, silica, pebbles and other materials. It is used for boat building and fiberglass fabricating.


  •         Low Viscous and Low Shrinkage distortion
  •         Excellent adhesion to various substrates
  •         Suitable for elevated Temperature cure
  •         Anti-blushing & Non-yellowing
  •         Suitable for marine applications
  •         Improved Gloss is achieved in coatings
  •         Abrasion & Chemical Resistant
  •         Fast curing with high mechanical stability
  •         Water white clarity is achieved after cure

Contents: 3 Gallon Kit

Mixing Ratio: 2 Part A: 1 Part B by Volume, 100 A to 58 B by Weight.

Typical application properties of PART - A with hardener PART - B



(A) Resin, (B) Hardener

Mixed Density, lbs./gal. (kg/l)


Mix Ratio, pbv (pbw)




Mixed Viscosity, cP 77°F


Work Time, minutes 100grams


Peak Exothermic Temperature 100grams


Compressive Strength psi


Tensile Strength, psi


Hardness, Shore D


Flexural Strength psi


VOC g/l


* Typical properties. Not to be construed as Specification.


  • Should be stored in original tightly closed container, in dry and warm conditions.
  • It is advised not to allow the product to freeze.



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