10 Lbs. Tub Refractory Furnace Cement & Fireplace Mortar 50% Alumina 2732°F Rated Dry Mix with Water (Fire Clay)

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  • Withstands working temperatures up to 2732F
  • Pre-mixed, high temperature mortar
  • Fix masonry holes or cracks in indoor/outdoor fireplace, stove, or heating appliance

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Castable Refractory Cement

Key Product Feature

Improved Refractoriness

Accoset-50 Refractory Cement is a mixture of alumina and binders crushed into a fine powder, Hence it has improved refractoriness.

High Heat Resistance

50 % Alumina and chemical/ceramic bonded firebricks refractory cement can resist temperatures up to 2732F.

Low Thermal Conductivity

Our refractory Cement has a high alumina component and is pure in structure, providing low thermal conductivity that reduces heat transfer.

Thermal Shock Resistance

It can easily withstand extreme and rapid changes in temperature.

Chemical Resistance

Remains unaffected when exposed to chemicals, and offers high resistance to the penetration of acids and chemical attacks.

Easy to use

Just add water as per instruction to the dry refractory cement and apply mortar on bricks with the help of Masonry Trowels.

Wide Application

Product Specifications

Material: Refractory Cement/ Mortar
Type: 50% Alumina Firebrick Cement / Mortar
Nature of Bond: Chemical / Ceramic
Maximum Service Temperature: 2732F / 1500C
Sintering Temperature: 2012F / 1100C
Maximum Grain Size: 0.5 mm
Water Required: 22 to 30 % (For Troweling Consistency)
Delivery State: Dry Powder
Al2O3: Typical Value: 48.5 (Range: 45.0 – 50)
Fe2O3: Typical Value: 4.40 (Range: 3.8 – 4.8)

Product information

Product Dimensions 8 x 9 x 9 inches; 11.23 Pounds
Date First Available February 13, 2018
Manufacturer Calderys India Refractories Limited


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