5 Pcs Ceramic Wool Wick Sponge to Extend Burn Time – Ceramic Wool for Tabletop Firepit – Ceramic Fiber Insulation for Bioethanol Fireplaces, Portable Tabletop Fire Pits – 12″ x 8″ x 1″ (Thick)

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  • MAKES A FIRE LAST LONGER: Adding our ceramic wool wick to the tabletop fire pits or fireplaces will extend the fuel burning time by 100%, allowing you to enjoy the warmth for a longer period
  • HIGH HEAT RESISTANCE: Our ceramic wool made from high quality ceramic fiber insulation material does not melt till the temperature up to 3000F, making it safe and reliable for tabletop firepits and fireplaces
  • SUFFICIENT QUANTITY: You will get 5 Pcs of fireproof insulation blanket, each measuring 12” x 8” and 1” Thick, a sufficient quantity to light the fire daily. You can cut a piece of the desired size and store the rest for future use
  • EASY TO USE: Simply cut this ceramic wool to the desired size using the knife/cutter and add it to tabletop firepits, then you can pour alcohol and light it. You can replace burned wool with a new one
  • MULTIPLE USE: Our fireplace insert insulation is ideal to use in various applications like bioethanol fireplaces, tabletop fire pits, etc. It can also be used as heat insulation and sound insulation

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Know More about Ceramic Fiber

What is ceramic fiber?

Ceramic Fiber is a man-made synthetic microfiber of a specific diameter composed of high-purity Aluminosilicate materials. Ceramic wool is also known as a refractory material. Ceramic fibers are produced in various forms like blankets, bulk fibers, cast shapes, paper, and textiles depending on the application.

Why Ceramic Fiber is the best wool material:

The use of ceramic fibers in composite applications has been influenced since the last decades due to

  • Lightweight (which help to reduce structural cost of equipment)
  • Fire resistance & ability to resist direct heat
  • High thermal shock resistance (ability of a solid to withstand sudden changes in temperature either during heating or cooling)

Know About Us

Simond Store is dedicated to providing customers with a convenient and comfortable experience. Quality and fastest delivery are the key aspects of our business. Our goal is to conserve energy by supplying high quality insulation products. Simond Store is a well-known brand that supply high-quality products for a variety of applications. We have extensive experience and expertise in refractory products. We've gained a large number of satisfied customers in the USA.

Increase Burn Time

  • Adding our ceramic wool to the tabletop firepits or fireplaces increases fuel burn time by 100%.
  • It allows you and your family to enjoy warm heat for a longer time.

Sufficient Quantity

  • Pack of 4 premium quality ceramic wool
  • Each ceramic wool measures 12” (Length) x 8” (Width) x 2” (Thick)
  • Perfect thickness allows you to cut easily and, in addition, ensures longer burn time and fuel saving compared to 0.2” thick wool in the market
  • Sufficient quantity to light the fire daily

Key Product Features

High Heat Resistant

Ceramic fiber insulation has high heat resistance and does not melt till the temperature up to 3000F.

Thermal Shock Resistant

Ceramic wool can easily withstand extreme and rapid changes in temperature.

Chemical Resistant

Remains unaffected when exposed to chemicals due to its excellent resistance against chemical attacks.


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