Barrel Fire Kit – Perfect for 30-55 Gallon Barrel Metal Barrel – Camping Equipment Barrel Stove Kits – Fire Wood Camp Stove Fire Barrel Kit for Emergency Heating & Cooking and Survival…

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  • DIY Barrel Wood Stove: Constructing your own wood-burning stove using our barrel stove kit is both economical and practical. This camping accessory kit repurposes burn barrels for outdoor use, saving you money in the process.
  • Affordable Warmth: Our 55-gallon steel drum barrel stove offers a cost-effective heating solution, making it accessible to individuals and families on a tight budget. It ensures everyone can stay warm even in chilly weather conditions.


  • Functional Conversion: Transform your burn barrel camping equipment into efficient barrel stoves with the Sonret outdoor wood stove kit. This kit, designed for 55-gallon drums, serves as both an outdoor fireplace and an emergency survival tool. 
  • Fuel Flexibility: Our camp stove barrel kit accommodates a variety of fuel options including wood, coal, or biomass, providing flexibility based on availability. It’s an essential component for any emergency kit or outdoor adventure. 
  • Adjustable Ventilation: The included air damper in the 55-gallon burn barrel heater kit enables precise control over air flow within the metal drum, allowing you to regulate the supply and return of air as needed.

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Fully Closed Damper

  1. 1. Restricts the airflow into the stove.
  2. 2. Lessens fire intensity.
  3. 3. Lowers heat output.

Partially Closed Damper

  1. 1. Reduces the airflow into the stove.
  2. 2. leads to slower combustion.
  3. 3. Medium heat output.

Fully Open Damper

  1. 1. Increases airflow into the stove.
  2. 2. Enhances stove combustion.
  3. 3. Boosts stove fire temperature.


Premium Grade Steel

Barrel stove kit is crafted using high-quality, heavy-gauge steel. This steel is specifically chosen for its durability, strength, and resistance to extreme temperatures than the cast iron.

Heat Resistance

Barrel stove withstand high temperatures without warping or deforming. The high-quality steel used in the barrel stove ensures that it can handle intense heat generated during combustion, providing a reliable and long-lasting heating solution.

Heat Transfer of the barrel stove

As the wood burns, the heat produced is transferred to the metal barrel, which acts as a heat exchanger. The metal absorbs the heat and radiates it into the surrounding environment.


The barrel stove can utilize wood, coal, or biomass pellets as its primary fuel source. These fuels are placed inside the firebox of the stove for combustion

Unlock the Ultimate Savings

Elevate your heating efficiency with this cost-effective solution, cutting down on fuel expenses and keeping your home cozy for less

Safety First, Cozy Always

Unleash the warmth of the barrel stove kit with confidence, knowing you've mastered safety considerations - from expert installation to secure stove handling - ensuring a comfortable experience all winter long.

Product information

Material Carbon Steel
Color Black
Assembly Required Yes
Ventilation Type Direct Vent
Fuel Type Oil, Wood, Coal
Portable Yes
Mounting Type Freestanding
Product Dimensions 16.75 x 15.5 x 5 inches
Item Weight 20.7 pounds
Country of Origin India
Item model number FAB-379
Best Sellers Rank #1,525,901 in Sports & Outdoors
#590 in Fire Starters
Date First Available July 22, 2023


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