Ceramic Fiber Insulation Blanket – 8# 2400F – 1″ x 24″ x 75″ and 5lbs. Refractory Coating (Heat Guard Coating) 3270F – Fireproof Insulation for Forge Wood Stove Kiln Pizza Oven Fireplace Furnace

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  • Application: Ceramic Fiber Blanket and Refractory Coating (Heat Guard) holds an extensive range of applications for fire protection and high temperature insulation purpose. They are very commonly used for gas forge, furnace, ceramic kiln, induction, foundry, boiler, chimney fireplace, wood stove, oven, and many more.
  • Fireproof Insulation: This ceramic fiber blanket and refractory coating are fire resistant materials that can sustain high-velocity flame which makes them the best choice for the fireproof insulation.
  • Perfect Insulation: Ceramic fiber blanket and refractory coating (Heat Guard) both provide high heat-resistant insulation individually, up to 2400F and 3270F respectively. When applied together, it makes wonders and provides excellent insulation value with increased strength & durability.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Their property of low thermal conductivity and potential to resist heat allows quick heating with less heat loss. It helps you to achieve optimum temperature in less time with low fuel consumption, resulting in increased efficiency.
  • Material: Ceramic fiber blanket is made from the purest form of alumina and silica and refractory coating (Heat Guard) is a combination of small particles and components of alumina and silica which reflect radiant heat, thus providing superior insulation value.

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The use of Ceramic Fiber Blanket and Refractory Coating (Heat Guard) goes hand in hand in the majority of the application and they are very basic and important requirements for fireproof & high-temperature insulation. They are used on daily basis in many professions, industries, and hobbyists to meet their needs for insulation.

Enhanced Efficiency

Applying ceramic fiber blanket with refractory coating as insulation enhance performance to a great extent. It increases heat resistance capacity, reduces heating time and limits heat transfer.

Prolong Insulation Material Life

Superior insulation material sustains extreme temperatures and abrasion, reducing damage to equipment. It increases overall strength and durability of insulation material and extends its service life.

Low Fuel Consumption

This combo provides excellent insulation value and provides optimum results with reduced fuel consumption..

Better Workplace

Applying refractory coating on ceramic fiber blanket limits the spread of airborne particle when exposed to high velocity firing/flame and makes better and healthy place to work.

Ceramic Fiber Blanket Key Features

High Heat Resistant

Ceramic fiber blanket has high heat resistance and can withstand temperature up to 2400F.

Low Thermal Conductivity

Low thermal conductivity of the blanket reduces heat transfer.

Thermal Shock Resistant

It can easily withstand extreme and rapid changes in temperature.

Chemical Resistant

Remains unaffected when exposed to chemicals due to its excellent resistance against chemical attacks.

High Tensile Strength

Maintains its soft structure without shrinkage (when used with in the temperature range.


They are light in weight when compared to other insulation alternatives and helps to keep overall weight of the equipment low.

Asbestos Free

These blankets made from purest form of alumina and silica are asbestos free

Easy to Cut

Extremely easy to cut and shape for the desired size and shape.


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