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FEBTECH Burlap Rolls for Gardening 40″ x 24 Feet – Multipurpose Burlap Fabric, High Density Natural Burlap Table Runner for Home Decoration, Erosion Control , Rustic Party Décor

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  • Burlap Fabric
  • Material: Our 40″”x24′ (“”+/- 0.5″”) table runners Burlap roll is made from the jute fibers. Jute fibers are extracted from the plant’s stem and then spun into yarns, which are woven to create the burlap fabric.
  • Endless Creative Possibilities: Whether you’re planning a rustic wedding, decorating your garden, or indulging in DIY projects, our natural golden brown woven no fray burlap is the perfect choice. Let your imagination run wild with endless possibilities!<?li>
  • Natural Insulation: Our burlap fabric roll acts as a protective shield, maintaining a stable climate for plants by providing insulation against extreme temperatures.
  • Eco-Conscious Choice: Opting for roll burlap fabric aligns with sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyles, reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Customizable and Paintable: burlap table runner can be easily cut & shaped, providing flexibility and convenience for users. Its textured surface is ideal for painting, stenciling, or screen printing

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Burlap rolls are made from natural jute fibers, providing a sustainable alternative to synthetic materials.


Burlap rolls are known for their durability and resilience, allowing them to withstand various environmental conditions and maintain their functionality over time.


Burlap fabric is known for its coarse texture and loosely woven structure. It has a rough feel and an open weave, allowing for breathability and moisture absorption.


No fray burlaps can be easily cut, shaped, and customized to suit specific project requirements, providing flexibility and convenience for users.


The dense and fibrous nature of burlap fabric helps absorb sound, making it a unique choice for acoustic projects or as a sound-absorbing backdrop.


Burlap rolls for gardening can be used as erosion control measures due to their ability to absorb moisture and stabilize soil surfaces.
From home decor accents and event embellishments to gift wrapping and gardening projects, the Artisan Burlap Roll adapts to a wide range of applications, catering to your diverse creative needs.

Product information

Color Beige
Size 40 x 24 inch
Pattern Solid
Style Modern
Product Care Instructions Hand Wash Only
Product Dimensions 288"L x 40"W
Item Weight 4.29 pounds
Manufacturer Spectra Overseas
Country of Origin India
Item model number BR-4024
Best Sellers Rank #824,078 in Kitchen & Dining
#16,157 in Table Runners
Fabric Type Burlap Fabric
Assembly required No
Batteries required No


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