SIMOND STORE Propane Forge Double Burner, 2600 F Rated, for Blacksmithing, Knife Making, Forging Tools and Equipment – Rectangle Shape

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  • Body and Nozzle Material: Our Heavy Duty Propane Forge Body and Burners are made from superior quality of steel and Nozzle material is of Grade SS-304.
  • High Thermal Insulation: Interior of forge is insulated with 1” thick 8# density ceramic fiber blanket rated up to 2600F and 1” Thick Refractory Fire Bricks, helps you to quickly heat and maintain optimum temperature.
  • Neutral Flame: The powerful burner gives out a neutral flame leaving a small amount of oxygen for scaling and makes forging more effective.
  • Uses: For knife making, forging tools and equipment by blacksmith, farrier, metal worker, bladesmith, jewelers or backyard metal hobbyist.
  • Easy to assemble: All you need to do is insert and fasten the burner, and line. Then hook it up to propane. It’s very easy to follow user manual, assembly and safety instructions provide along with all needed part. Just a basic setup & assembly and you are good to go.

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We are serving the community of blacksmiths, farriers, metal workers, jewelers, and other enthusiast hobbyists with our full array of propane gas forges, i.e., single burner, double burner, triple burner, five-burner, round, oval, rectangular shape, with or without door, stainless steel, mild steel, in the USA, and have a base of thousands of delighted customers.

Forge Design

Our forge is designed keeping in mind the most important aspects, i.e., heating space, burner, and insulation quality. The number of burners is decided on the basis of the heating space provided to enhance efficiency. The heating space for this forge is calculated to work efficiently with three burners, providing you with the best forging results.

Fine-Tuned Burner

A forge burner with a powerful mechanism gives out a high-intensity blue flame to quickly reach the optimum forging temperature with low fuel consumption. It reduces fuel wastage and increases efficiency by retrieving non-combustible/unused fuel and ensures clean and complete combustion of the fuel.

Secured Connection

We provide a superior quality of hose and regulator for secure connection, assuring your safety.
  • ●The regulator is made of brass casting.
  • ●The hose is made of steel wire reinforced with high-quality silicone rubber.
  • ●Two hose clamps for securing hose connections.
  • Specifications

    • Forge Outer Dimension: 8”(H) x 8”(W) x 12”(L)
    • Forge Internal dimension:4.75″ x 6″ x 12″ (H x W x L )
    • Burner: Double Burner (Mild Steel)
    • Burner Nozzle : Made from SS-304 metal
    • Gas pressure regulator (Gas pressure 0-21 Psi) with manometer. (direct connect with USA propane tank)
    • 6.5 ft (2 meters) gas hose pipe
    • 2 hose clamp

    Package Includes

  • ●Burner
  • ●Ceramic Fiber Blanket
  • ●Hose Clamp
  • ●Regulator
  • ●Headguard Refractory Coating
  • ●Bricks
  • ●Teflon Tape
  • ●Spanner
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